Q. How much does it cost?
A. Our alloy wheel repair services are all priced on application, because each job is different. We are very competitive within the market and each quote will reflect how much work is needed.

Q. Do you re-balance the wheel?
A. No we don’t. Only the bead is broken therefore the balance is unaffected.

Q. How long does it take?
A. 4 alloy wheels can be fully refurbished in 2-4 hours from off to back on.

Q. Can you repair diamond cut alloys mobile?
A. No, diamond cut alloy wheels need to be sent off to be repaired. If you don’t wish to do this we can recreate the metal cut finish with a metal effect paint. This gives an ‘as good as’ result in the machined areas of the wheel.

Q. How long do the repairs last?
A. Our repairs are extremely durable and will keep there shine indefinitely.

Q. Can you repair bent or cracked wheels?
A. No, we don’t advise repairing broken or bent alloys. Welds can cover cracks but you can never be sure if it will hold. Its best just to replace.