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Standard Alloy Wheel Repair
Our standard alloy wheel finish is explained in the sweet alloys process. ‘Standard’ means that we apply one colour and one coat of lacquer to the alloy. The colour is optional to the desire of the customer. Most wheels are best painted silver but it’s totally up to you. The one coat of lacquer can be gloss or matt, again its up to you.

Hyper-silver and Shadow-chrome
Hyper-silver and Shadow-chrome alloy wheel finishes each give the effect of a metal finish in the paint. To achieve this both processes require a lot more time and skill in their application. The wheel is prepared in the same way as a standard finish but in addition a lacquered ground coat is applied to the wheel. A special power silver is then dusted on top in fine layers to allow the gloss of the ground coat to shine through. The wheel is lacquered a second time to give the end finish added gloss, creating a more reflective surface and increasing its metal appearance. This is better achieved in the factory and may involve losing the car for a few days. (POA)

Some alloy wheels have two or more colours or finishes on them. Repairing these also takes a lot more time and skill. A wheel may have a chrome or metal effect rim, it may have a stripe on the spokes or its pockets may be colour co-ordinated to the rest of the car. Sweet Alloys can recreate these specialist alloy wheels if they become damaged. We can also create different finishes to your original wheels which make your car look more unique and personalised to you. (POA)